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Donate to keep uninsured workers healthy and on the job

Make a Difference in the life of hard workers like Joanne.

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We all know a friend, relative or coworker like Joanne. Joanne is a single mom of three school-aged children. Her husband died five years ago and she works hard to provide for her kids, working two part time jobs and taking classes toward a business degree. Insurance is not in her financial reach, although her kids are covered by the State insurance plan. They receive regular checkups, but Joanne has put off seeing a physician for 7 years because of her limited budget. Joanne has not been feeling well lately and a friend told her about our Clinic. She made an appointment for a physical. After examination and diagnostic testing, our physician told Joanne she has diabetes and needed to make some important changes, including taking medication and changing her diet. Luckily for Joanne, our Clinic offers a Diabetes Management Program that includes information about lifestyle choices for diet, exercise, medications, foot and eye exams, including retinal scans, all included at no cost to the patient. Retinopathy is a common disease for diabetic patients. The important thing here is that no uninsured worker needs to forgo medical care when we are here to help them. Help us help them! When we help patients like Joanne, we are helping her kids and her coworkers and helping her succeed in school. There is a large ripple effect in helping even one member of our community, and we help several hundred each year. Please donate if you can, no matter the amount, it all helps.